Monday, February 26, 2007


Chicago Cottage 5
During my wanderings around Chicago, I found this little cluster of frame houses surrounded by vacant lots, industrial sites and less savory neighborhoods. Many of the houses are boarded up and I was reluctant to photograph the occupied ones but the area caught my fancy. I hope someone decides to rescue these homes. They are a part of our architectural heritage that counts as much as the more gaudy downtown high rises. I think they are of an architectural type known as "workers cottages."
Chicago Cottage 4
I think I need to swing by again and take more pictures. There is a story behind the area which I will try to blog sometime soon.
Boarded up houses


tkkerouac said...

I love your blog!

BendingPeak said...

Great pictures. We had neighborhoods in Baltimore that had gorgous boarded up houses. I sometimes wonder if they will be livable again. Excited to hear what you found out about them.

sognatrice said...

I visited Chicago once for a weekend, and I took a bus tour to make sure I saw a good chunk of it while learning history, etc., as well--the different styles of architecture are what really stuck with me; I, too, hope someone saves these houses/this neighborhood.

Snail said...

What cute little houses. I've been meaning to photograph the workers' cottages around here but, like you, I'm a bit reluctant to take pictures of occupied houses.