Monday, February 19, 2007

Free Smells

Flickr is off-line so I'm downloading a picture from my files.
I am spending a lot of my free time, of late, roaming Chicago with my camera. This is cutting into my writing time, but I have a plan in mind for at least some of my shots. I am learning a lot of Chicago history trying to put what I have seen into some form of context. As things evolve, I'll report on this some more, or maybe not. In the meantime, I'll post pictures as they seem amusing, germane or attractive.


Debo Blue said...

Let me guess, a apothecary shoppe?

angela said...

Some sort of perfumery?

Had you thought of joining the City Daily Photo blog?
PLease let me know what sort of shop it is.

sarala said...

Actually a sandwich shop. But the sign is great.

Chelle & Chel said...

Reminds me of a quaint little place in Davenport, Iowa. It advertises, "Cold Food, Warm Beer". LOL


Sunflower said...

I like this shop and the name: FREE SMELL, smell is free!

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