Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Vain and Meaningless Boasting

One of my photos actually earned an honorable mention in a photo meme. It was my photo of the Roman Colosseum for the PhotoSharks theme "famous." Cool. It doesn't mean I'm famous, alas.
Here is another photo of the Colosseum. I didn't know and found it very interesting that it actually had a subfloor. This was called the Hypogeum and was used for the hydraulics of the structure (at one time they actually staged naval battles in the Colosseum), armories, stage machinery and cages for the animals. Unfortunately this part was not open to the public. My kids were totally bored by this time anyway after a visit to the Forum and too much time in the very hot July sun.
Roman Colosseum from inside


Attila The Mom said...

Congrats! Being recognized is always a happy thing! Unless, of course, it's for doing something silly. ;-)

I love this pic!

meeyauw said...

That's a great photo of a notorious place. Congratulations! I keep thinking of how much labor and effort one class expended in order to have a place to torture other people. The Colosseum is quite symbolic in our times.

Mama P said...

I don't know why, but that place has always creeped me out. Well, I mean of course I know why with all the death and destruction and all. But still... I'd probably freak if I ever went there. Which, of course, I'll go one day. Great shot!

paris parfait said...

Congrats for the well-deserved recognition! You take some really wonderful photos.