Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cold day in hell, I mean Chicago

My morning commute
At the moment I am sitting in front of my computer with my space heater on high, typing and trying to thaw out my fingers and toes. Yesterday provided the Chicago area with around 3 inches of snow while maintaining its near zero degree chill. Driving conditions left a bit to be desired yesterday. I decided not to run a yellow light at a major intersection and managed to slide several feet into the intersection anyway despite my anti-lock breaks doing their level best to avoid this. Some of the other drivers helpfully honked at me to let me know this wasn't a good idea. Geniuses!
Traffic was bad which meant most of my patients showed up late. A few didn't bother to appear at all--I guess cold weather makes the telephones malfunction in some homes. I don't really care; I can use the rest. You know who are the really conscientious and/or compulsive individuals. They show up exactly on time no matter what the weather. I can generally predict who will be punctual. These folks may also insist on paying me when they have a credit to their account. Of course, I treat folks who have disorders in which chronic lateness is a symptom so it all evens out in the end.
But I digress. The snowfall is particularly beautiful today. It is one of those cold, dry snows that leaves white crystals that make a particular squeaky crunch when you walk and drifts in peculiar eddies across the road as you drive. The snow was calling out to me--take pictures. Damn the frigid cold, full speed ahead.
So I took a short photography walk this morning. I had enough layers to keep my core warm but my extremities definitely were protesting. Even my camera made some funny noises that I didn't know it had in it. The chickadees, crows and cardinals made an appearance and seemed cheerful enough. The sun was brilliant on the snow and ice and the lake tried to convince me that winter in Chicago wasn't so bad. I almost agreed with it. After all, who needs to go to Glacier Bay when one can see icebergs in one's own back yard?
For those who are wondering I have a Canon Digital Rebel XT which I love. It is big enough to make me look a little pretentious and has far too many buttons and display features. It is the first camera I've ever owned that wasn't a "point and shoot" and there sure is a difference. Also being digital helps me feel more courageous with my shots. If I make a mistake I just hit the delete button. So different than film.


Attila The Mom said...

Oh boy, that's cold! Get some gloves on! ;-)

annie said...

i can feel how cold it is there, by looking at the photo. wow.