Saturday, February 10, 2007

Satuday Photo Hunt--broken

Down tree


Anonymous said...

That tree is defenitily broken!! I hope it didn't take too much down in its fall.

Beautiful photo!

Patti said...

Ouch! What happened?

angela said...

Now that looks dangerous. Have you had high winds?

sarala said...

We had a tremendous windstorm in October which downed thousands of trees. This particular tree only bent some iron fencing that I could tell. There still are tree stumps the city hasn't had time to remove in many public places.

meeyauw said...

That wasn't from this winter, that's for sure. I hope nothing was hurt. What a huge lovely tree.

Sue said...

Yikes. I hope no building is on the other end of that tree.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunflower said...

BROKEN tree:-)
We had some here in Vanoouver after the storm.

Have a nice weekend!

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