Monday, May 30, 2011

Chain Mail

Caught in the rain

In the distant past, I did a couple of blog walks, heading from one blog to a linked one to see where I wound up. Today I had the inspiration to do the same for mail oriented blogs--blogs where owners post an address and swap postcards, letters or mail art. There are some interesting ones out there, as I have discovered. The catch is, I will mail something to each of the addresses and see what comes of it.
I'm going to start with TheSnailMailer with the postcard posted above--if it rains anymore here in Chicago, I'm going to have webbed feet and mold growing where the sun don't shine. Becky, of the SnailMail blog claims to be a stationery addict. To date I haven't heard of a 12 step group for that one but there's always room for one more!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

What's Up Doc?

Chinatown Window
Dinner in Chinatown

I can't believe how boring I've been. Hopefully, my real life is more interesting than my blog-life of late. Here are a few pictures of my recent non-adventures.

The Watcher
Watching the cat watching.

Packing List
My son takes a trip for his 8th grade graduation. Lucky dog.

Forgive Yourself
Working on it.

Friday, May 20, 2011



It sounds like a bad joke along the lines of: "What do you call a shrink who loses her voice? Unemployed." Ha, ha, ha. Yes, I have lost my voice. I hope to find it again someday so unemployment seems unlikely but it feels strange to be unable to talk. Is there some sort of theme here? Not long ago I largely banned myself from the internet due to an arm problem. Now I can't talk. Typing, talking...hmmm. What next?
Actually, my arm is improving although I'm still taking it easy with the computer time. No Mortal Kombat for a few more weeks. Kidding. Otherwise I have this stupid cold--cough, sore throat, the works, and silly me, I chose to keep working through it. I just hate calling in sick. Not that I have anything against vacation days but sick days are hard when you are a doctor. They're so...unplanned. Well, the best laid plans of a control freak are not proof against a virus. I worked through it Wednesday and stumbled home with my throat on fire and my voice gone. So I called in on Thursday. No choice, really. I spent the day in front of the TV which thanks to TiVo and Netflix is more interesting than it might otherwise have been but succeeded in making me desperate to be functional again.
Happy Friday.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mail Art

Daisy Mail

I'm trying to stay "relatively" off-line because I seem to have developed a repetitive motion injury--not quite carpal tunnel syndrome since it involves the ulnar nerve (the proverbial funny bone)--and I need to be careful.
Here is one of the many things I am playing with lately. Copy to be mailed off to a friend or two. Anyone else want one? Just send me an address if I don't have it already.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Still playing with the pinhole camera. I finally got to turn my negatives into positives in the dark room. Here is a sample. The thing I am enjoying with this little camera is how the lack of a lens and fish-eye effect makes the world seem very different and slightly alien.

Outdoor Dining

We also played a bit with double exposures (easier said than done in my book). I'll post some of those when I have a bit more time.

Gotta go or I will absolutely be late to work!