Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Number 11

Thirteen Things about The most recent Google searches that found this blog

1. tom chapin “no child left behind” (2nd hit)
2. soccer epitaph poem (3rd)
3. please don’t laugh at me book (2nd)
4. No child rant (1st)—Actually an aol search
5. tidal bore Washington (Google Italy) (4th)
6. passenger of my own (Google Germany) (1st)
7. book club “Suite francaise” (Google Australia) (9th)
8. suite francaise, book review (4th)
9. I kissed you goodnight (7th)
10. I am a rose upon a thorn (1st)
11. picture of debo from Friday (1st)
12. bluffton university professor committed murder (5th)
13. “Compare thee to a rose” and Shakespeare (2nd)

I guess I’m getting picked up by Google a lot (and in the most recent 13, no searches of an indecent nature—I’m being indirect in my language because these are hits I don’t need to trigger). I’m surprised that I’m coming up so often on searches.

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Kim said...

The google search results are interesting, indeed. I hadn't realized I typed worry instead of work. It's all the same, right? Thanks for stopping by today.

amy said...

I am just learning how to track your hits, but yours is pretty interesting..I plan on checking out some of your older posts

Heather in Beautiful British Columbia said...

Very interesting search results - I'll have to try that :) Thanks!

Brony said...

Boy some of those are funny. I'm still learning how to track my hits. I think it might be a bit above me still.

Happy TT!

Cindy said...

Great idea for a TT! I'll have to use this some time.

Stop by my TT when you get a moment...

Sunflower said...

Great choice for TT!

I will Exercise for Comments!