Thursday, February 22, 2007

Self-portrait with vintage hat and unwilling cat

Self portrait with vintage hat and unwilling cat

Photo Friday asks for a self-portrait. This is a technical challenge but more so a personal challenge. I have never liked having my picture taken and taking my own seems all the more difficult. I set up in a room with good natural light and a simple backdrop. First I started by photographing my hand and arm which I actually like the look of. Then I tried a photograph of my face. The first portrait was terrible. I looked like a hag. The light emphasized every line and shadow on my face. I looked old, bony, severe. But, instead of giving up, I recruited my cats to help. Trying to coax an unwilling cat to pose with me, softened me up, and made me look more natural. As the claws came out, the shots became more candid. I got a few reasonable shots. Then the cats wouldn't let me near enough to catch them.
Thoughts of self-portraits and of conversations I have with women in therapy all the time (men only occasionally) also inspired this week's Poetry Thursday poem to the prompt of "The Body Knows."


Max Magnus said...

So you've also got one of those "future cats".

angela said...

It's a very natural photo and the hat makes you look mysterious. I think using minou as your prop was an excellent idea as you (the subject)relaxes.
I hate having my photo taken too.

Self Taught Artist said...

know what i like, you are one of the only thin people i know that seems uncomfortable being so thin. In a world where everyone points fingers at fatties, what an surprise to hear how you feel about being thin.

Self Taught Artist said...

I like that you express being uncomfortable with your weight and your pretty thin. In a world where everyone points fingers at chubby people, its actually eye opening to read your uncomfortableness with being thin. I appreciate you sharing that.

Patry Francis said...

Love seeing a photo of you--and the cat looks just like my Jasper.