Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I decided to try out a free photoblog site. I like Blogger for text but it doesn't compete with some of the photo sites. I have doubts about maintaining two sites but the other will be only to post one photo a day and to use for photo memes. I think I'll post the photo here as well but use the larger format on the other site for the "official" entry. I picked the truly original name, Sarala's photoblog. Feel free to check it out although there is only one photo downloaded--it seems to be a photo a day site.
Today's photo is for Moody Monday's theme, content. The photo was taken on a warm Autumn day in Indiana.
Contemplating the water

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angela said...

I love the stillness in this photo and the reflection.
I may have already asked you this but what camera do you use?
I signed up to City Daily Photo and must admit it's sometimes difficult to keep two blogs running and live a normal life but then I'm a dreadfully slow typer.
Good luck.