Thursday, February 22, 2007


My arm

A woman knows her every flaw
Each unwanted roll or
Chin, doubled.

Surgeons abound to
Sculpt a nose,
Lift a face or smooth a brow.

Suck the fat away,
Tuck a tummy,
Zap those unwanted veins.

Botox the laugh lines and
Peel the bad complexion.
An industry of self-hatred.

Models too thin to live,
Girls who purge their anger
In lavatories of loathing.

A woman knows her every flaw.
The mirror never lies
To jaundiced eyes.


Little Wing said...

I really like your blog. Wonderful intellect, nicely formed poetry, and beautiful hands!

Little Wing said...

I really like your blog. Wonderful intellect, nicely formed poetry... and beautiful hands! ... nice shot!... hands so full of character and strong expression.

Little Wing said...

p.s... very nice shot... lotsa character and very strong expression on that hand!

Liza Lee Miller said...

Really like the poem. Thank you for sharing your thoughts -- I like the lavatories of loathing line. (Well, I didn't really LIKE it - it's pretty painful but it was GOOD!)

TutleyMutley said...

thought provoking, Sarala - and I'm on a diet! Well, I'm adjusting lifestyle and looking after myself. I'm enjoying your photography.

gautami tripathy said...

I liked the last stanza summing it all up.


In-between state of consciousness

Regina Clare Jane said...

"An industry of self-hatred" indeed... we have forgotten we are all goddesses...
Very powerful poem here...

Tammy said...

Powerful words that speak truths beautifully. Well done!

Little Wing said...

oh, sarahla... ha ha... I was afraid this was going to happen. Each time I posted, it would not show, so I kept trying. Sorry, didn't mean to seem so insistant :s

Little Wing said...

ok... my comment didn't show up... but I have a feeling it will, so I won't re-type the whole thing again. *sigh*...

sarala said...

To little wing: No problem; it has happened to me too.
Some days if it seems not to be posting I just give up repeating myself.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Yes a lot of women have such distorted images of themselves, its quite worrying. Whether we're starving ourselves or doing surgery - what's wrong with imperfection, uniqueness etc. Excellent poem.

Self Taught Artist said...

i have many thoughts when i see this photo, read the post. the word anorexic comes to mind.
the words, great photo, startling, haunting comes to mind.
it makes me sad this photo. it looks desperate and lost. it is one of the most vivid and artistic photographs i have seen you take to date. it is daring and courageous. it is something else. (of course I would mess with the white balance, you know me i have to be a critic and risk people screaming at me).
good stuff sarala. good poem. unexpected.