Thursday, December 21, 2006

Six Word Story

I'm not quite ready to post my Thursday Thirteen. I'm just now downloading my first Seattle photos. The sun even came out to help me.
A few of you may remember I posted a Six Word Story post a long time ago. Well, I said I'd post yours so here they are:

A very short story. The End. Heather.

The alien ate my chocolate. Damn alien. Robin.

Another day. No sun. Another day.
Dry skin plagues me. That sucks.
Beyond mind. Across life. Through time.

my epic trilogy:
1. One soda, two straws. One bed.
2. 3 am phone call. Begin again.
3. One bed. Two beds. Double plot.

He said unmentionable. I broke his. me

But also I thought I'd steer you to a new competition. DBA Lehane had a similar idea and is hosting a 6X Short Story Competion. So check him out if you feel wordy (in an abbreviated fashion).

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Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Wonderful idea! Thanks for showing me! Six word story!