Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Holiday Poem

When there is no prompt at all,
I’ll leap from thought to thought.
I’ll carol with Mr. Carroll,
As any poet ought.

I’ll mimsy with your momrath
Or mime without a meme,
Palaver on an unpaved path,
Drowse without a dream

Freely associate with me today.
Make merry with my melody.
Have a holistic holiday,
And relish your rhapsody.

May your nights be brillig and bright,
As you dance with all you hold dear.
Greet gifts with gimbled delight.
And Noel to a nouveau New Year.



Brian said...

I see we have been leaping on the same paths today. :)LOL Love it, love it.

Remiman said...

I find this very light, bright and melodious..just like the holiday.
kudos..I lke it.

angela said...

just found you over at Jane Poe.
I love this poem. The rhythm and words make me smile.
A good beginning to the solstice and a beautiful outside.