Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Story

As a child I always dreamed of running away from home. Not in a trivial, impulsive way, but in a controlled planned fashion. If I had chosen to go, I would have squirreled away supplies, packed survival gear. I knew how to hide, how to keep warm if lost in the woods, that certain plants were edible--dandelions, bracken root, and which berries were not.
Red berries
I backpacked extensively as a kid and was not afraid of wilderness. In fact, wilderness became essential to a certain healing of my soul. Sometimes, I'd dream of running to the mountains. Sometimes, I thought I'd go to the ocean. There is a lot more food there. Sea weed and mussels are easy to harvest, cook and eat.
I must have known it was not real, but I felt I needed the safety net, of being able to fend for myself. If I had decided to make a go of it, I would not have been found for quite a while.
Nowadays, when I want to run away I'd have a credit card. I'd take a plane. I would probably head for Paris, Brussels, Provence, Tuscany. Stay a few weeks and head home of my own volition. Being an adult allows options for a much more comfortable escape.
Looking through an arch


mis_nomer said...

My sister always wanted to run away. She had a bag packed and hidden in the closet. I never had that inclination. Perhaps it is in the personality.

Great blog with great pictures, btw. Thanks for stopping by mine.

Have a great holiday!

Self Taught Artist said...

enjoying the photos even though i envy you for being able to see so many places. nice writing/photo blogging.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

The photos you have included tell of the wonderful places you have been and where your heart sings!

Skittles said...

When I was young I did run away. I'd just get to the end of the street and not know where to go. When I was a teen I actually did run away a few times. None were as well-planned as your imaginary excursions were.

Amber said...

Hmmm...I "ran away" in books. But, it was the same, I think. These stories you told yourself helped you just as much as the pages helped me, I bet.