Sunday, December 03, 2006

Check this out

Ice Age 2 in Marzipan
If any of you are still feeling starved for creative fun, check out this site:
Tea with McNair is starting a "creativity camp" entitled Between Reason and Recess. All you have to do for now is gather up the supplies. If I knew how to do links I would link you up but try this address:

Good resolution:
Learn html for links.

By the way the picture is of a Milanese window display of the characters of Ice Age 2 done in marzipan. That's creative enough for me.


Margaret said...

Marzipan Ice Age characters!! What a hoot. The little sabertooth squirrel is my favorite. He reminds me of Dr. John trying to find his false teeth in the morning. Especially in the way he chases that nut around all the time.

Chana said...

Good morning. You are Dr. John's link of the day.

What a beautiful cake. I and my kids loved Ice Age. My mom used to make me the cutest and most beautiful cakes when i was growing up. Every yr i had theme cakes and cake cups to go along. She is fantastic that lady with her hands.

Hope you have a good one.

Attila The Mom said...

Wow, that's amazing! Thanks for posting it!

Now I'm hungry. ;-)

Stacy said...

Wow! I've only made marzipan once and that was just little fruit shapes. I thought they were hard enough. My hat's off to the sculptors of the Ice Age scene.

Oh, I'm here by way of Dr. John's.

Skittles said...

I don't even know what marzipan is! It's pretty, though :)

Self Taught Artist said...

sarala ,dont need to post this, just wanted to tell you how to do links since you keep mentioning you don't know.

you can type the word , like, 'here' and then highlight that word and go up to where you see the text color tab, its to the right... you will see a round thing with what looks like it is wearing sunglasses, thats it. click that and the hyperlink box opens up. You will have had to copy whatever the link is or manually type it, but put it in the box where the http is. If you are copying and pasting, first delete the original http or else you will have 2 of them and then the link wont work.
hope that helps!
ps i hate the word verification this is my 3rd time!!!!!!

sarala said...

Marzipan is some kind of almond paste. You have to like almond flavor. I think it looks better than it tastes.
STA--I hate word verification too but I loathe spam. I think of the word verification as an inkblot of letters. And since I seem to have a dirty mind, I get a kick out of it.