Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #3--To and from work in photos

1. Feed the Birds
Birds at feeder
2. 51st and Lake Park
51st and Lake Park
3. Sears Tower from Columbus Drive
Sears Tower from Columbus Drive
4. Looking South from Congress Blvd.
Looking south from Congress
5. Congress and Wabash
Congress and Wabash
6. In the Loop
In the Loop
7. Forest Park
River Forest
8. In the Parking Lot
In the parking lot
9. A Load of Snow
A load of snow
10. Air Temperature
Air temperature
11. Harlem and Eisenhower Expressway
By the Eisenhower Expressway and Harlem Avenue
12. Downtown after Dark
Downtown Chicago
13. Wabash and Congress
Wabash and Congress


Brony said...

Thanks for getting me out of the house. :)

You sure see a lot on your way to work.

Happy TT!

Skittles said...

What a cool idea for TT :)

Self Taught Artist said...

As per your willing to be as much of an art blog buddy as you can until I manage to find an art community in blogworld, I suddenly woke up and realized you had a flickr thingie on your side bar. I decided to check it out. I made it 1/3 or less of the way through them and decided to not take them all in at once.
I wanted to comment that:
foggy day on lakeshore
foggy day chicago
most of the colonnata photos
red sky n night
red sky galls and sunset (both worthy of selling as a diptych (sp?)
rainy night. ...outstanding surrealistic
sundown from leaning tower...award winning
pacific beach ca submit to a magazine
san diego after dark, ditto.

good stuff and its good for me because i need to be exposed to more photography and not be 'threatened' that its from another artist who is already making it in the world. thank you for sharing your photos. I'm getting something out of them.