Saturday, December 02, 2006

Small Victories

Parisian grafitti

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to post a bit of graffiti for a Photo Friday shot but didn’t because I ran into a Flickr site by the “graffiti artist”. As an aside, I may admire some truly elaborate and interesting graffiti (although I wish it weren’t defiling other people’s property), but I do not think scrawling letters on a “My name is _____” tag and putting it on a newspaper box is very artistic. However, my local artiste specializes in stickers as well as spray paint and has done a lot of damage. He is also wanted by the local police. To me, it also symbolizes the gang encroachment that has occurred in my area, which is pretty scary.
At any rate, artiste’s site boasted of stealing other people’s photos. I did not want my picture used to promote this creep’s illegal activities so I never downloaded my photo to my Flickr site. I did complain to Flickr. Flickr never got back to me.
Today I checked to see if the site is still there and it is gone! However, my creepy friend still has his personal site (with stolen pics), and comments on another site that are pretty foul. He and his buddies have also educated me as to how you can etch window glass. I don’t think we are talking snowflakes on their own windows either.
So I complained again. If I cannot make my neighborhood any cleaner, at least Flickr might be tidier.
And, if I ever get tired of blogging, I now know how to do some real property damage.

By the way, the internet being what it is, I cannot link or refer directly to the sites in question. Artiste lives somewhere near me and that would put me at risk. My house doesn’t need a new paint job.

For how it feels to have your blog content stolen, read Barb's stuff on Her content recently was stolen, photos and all.

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