Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday 13--#4 Odd-ball items in my purse

I'm thinking most of these things wouldn't be found in other people's purses.
1. Size H crochet hook.
2. 3 empty film cans.
3. 4 crayola crayons.
4. 2 hard candies from Italy.
5. 2 pebbles from Zion National Park.
6. 1 seashell from San Diego, slightly broken.
7. Business card of L.A. psychiatrist I met in San Diego.
8. 2 laptop keys.
9. A list for another Thursday 13 (next week's?).
10. 2006-2007 Chicago Bulls schedule.
11. Hotel room key card from Las Vegas Hilton with picture of Barry Manilow--yes I should have returned it; honestly, officer I forgot I had it.
12. Coupon for $25 off J. Jill--dated October 4-16 (I should toss this).
13. Business card from Clic Klak, 427 Queen Street W., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (I think I bought some used clothes there).

Is it time to clean out my purse yet?


HeatherinBeautifulBritishColumbia said...

Hahaha - those are strange items all right! I guess if I dug to the bottom of mine I'd find some wierd stuff I haven't seen in a long time......

Rose of Sharon said...

Oooo, a look inside your purse!!

I love it, a size H crochet hook!! Now all you need is a bit of yarn! I love this list!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

yup, clean it out girl! it's wierd alright. was the candy fuzzy? cause if it is you can wash it you know, and still eat it. (smile) bee

Pepper said...

You have some strange things in your purse but each and everyone has a story. If story makes you smile keep it.... except for the candy I would trash that. smile

sarala said...

Since I am doing true confessions:
I did toss the J. Jill coupon. I think the candies are still edible. After all they've only been in my purse since July.

Skittles said...

My purse is jealous of your purse ;)