Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Unique Photo Challenge--Mirror

This past Sunday, I rambled into Chicago. My initial goal was to go to a rather distant garden store and to a "architectural salvage" store. I unfortunately forgot that the first nice spring weekend here, everyone heads to the lake front to tan, bicycle, walk their dogs, or roller blade. Those who aren't on the beach already are, like I was, stuck in traffic on the lakefront. An hour later, I still wasn't close to my garden store objective so I decided to can it. The salvage store was 20 blocks closer so I headed there.
The store had changed--it was around three times as large as the previous time I was there. They apparently had imported half of Argentina so they had an interesting selection of Victorian tiles (an interest I developed while taking pottery classes) and some beautiful iron work. Nothing I needed or could afford but it was fun to browse in the 45 minutes I had before the store closed. I snuck a few photos, not knowing if they would have allowed them, including the above for a photo meme.
Another interesting part of the store was the outdoor department. If I was in the market for three story high stone pillars now I know where to go.

Salvage yard


Kathe said...

I'm not sure who is worse about sneaking pictures -- you or me. Actually, I think we're about even. We're brave...but not THAT brave. hehe

Self Taught Artist said...

the pic of the pillars is fantastic. looks like a movie set. GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

tongue in cheek said...

I want to go this place! What a fantastic photo opt sort of place!

jkirlin said...

I want a STEEPLE!

sarala said...

jkirlin--shall I price one for you?

Clare Floyd DeVries said...

I love your photo of the outdoor salvage yard. May I borrow it for a Squidoo page I'm writing on thrifty shopping for home decorating? To illustrate a paragraph on salvage yards. Of course I'd credit you and add a link.

You can see one of my other articles at Squyidoo, "Three Ways to Improve Your Theater Set" or my blog at devriesdesigndiary on blogger