Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday 13

When I was little, my grandparents used to sing to me: "On the freeway, on the freeway, to Grandma's house we go...." I guess they made the song and tune up. I miss them and wish I were heading to see them now. Here are things I don't like about freeway (expressway for those not on the west coast of the US) travel and other parts of commuting.

Here is a picture from my twice weekly commute on the Eisenhower Expressway. Note the small Sears Tower in the foreground.

On the Eisenhower Expressway

Thirteen things that annoy me while driving to work.
1. People who block my garage so I can't get out.
2. Jaywalker who seem not to be bothered by the cars going through the green light.
3. People who cross the street and seem to slow down when they are in front of you. Is that some kind of power trip?
4. People who honk at you even though you are fifth in a long line of stopped cars.
5. Drivers who block the left lane by turning at a no left turn sign.
6. Drivers who suddenly change lanes without signaling.
7. Driver who don't like to wait their turn so try to get into an exit lane at the last minute thereby snarling up traffic in a through lane.
8. People who double park, especially if there is an open parking space right next to them. Even more so cab drivers who do this.
9. Bus drivers who don't seem to notice there are any other cars on the road. They will change lanes unexpectedly even though you are in the lane.
10. Drivers who drive below the speed limit in the left lane.
11. Drivers who weave all over the road in a vain attempt to get ahead.
12. People who pull out of driveways and alleys while talking on their cell phones and nearly run into you.
13. People who can't be bothered to stop at stop signs.

14. People like me who complain too much.


Snail said...

One of my pet peeves (apart from all the ones you listed) is people who drive slowly and then speed up as you try to overtake them.

Denise Patrick said...

#8 - people who double park; how about UPS trucks who can't seem to pull over while delivering a package? I absolutely refuse to send anything by them because of that.

Thanks for visiting my TT.

Pen said...

I agree 100% on every single one of those! Great list & thank you for stopping by my TT!

annie said...

an excellent rant. cars in general make me crazy. my fantasy is to one day not require one.