Thursday, April 05, 2007



Poetry Thursday has assigned two prompts for this week. The first is:
Write a poem to, for, or about a poet.

Part II is:
Write a letter to a poet and then share it with the Poetry Thursday community on Thursday.
Here is my poem although it is does not exactly meet the prompt's criteria.

Ode to Poetry

I majored in French Literature
And read a lot of poems.
I wrote one or two.

Mallarme, Apollinaire,
Rimbaud, Baudelaire,
To name a few.

Mandatory English-speaking poets.
Whitman, Frost,
Shakespeare, Donne.

Then, I lost touch,
Immersed my self in the Cynicism of Science,
And the Misery of Medicine.

Is it midlife or menopause
That now I read,
Reread and write?

New poets have entered my world.
Kooser, Oliver, Gluck.
(Not poetic names).

Someday I'll revisit
My old French companions.
Know any new French poets?


gautami tripathy said...

I really enjoyed reading this. I am a major in Chemistry but always was interested in English Literature. I did PG in English just to sustain that English.

Remiman said...

No, but I wish I did.;-)
"Then, I lost touch,
Immersed my self in the Cynicism of Science,
And the Misery of Medicine."
Sadly, I think this reads true for so any.
Looking forward to part deux.

Regina Clare Jane said...

This was wonderful, sarala... life tends to go in cycles, I find...

Self Taught Artist said...

whats that picture of? thats all i can focus on...its mesmorizing..tell me! tell me!

sarala said...

The flower macro is of a ranunculus. They are the most geometric flowers. I want to go out and buy a dozen just to photograph their centers.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I enjoyed this, I lost poetry for a while when I was studying Botany and then teaching Biology. I don't read many French poets unfortunately.

Beaman said...

I had the image of poets writing in Parisian cafes when I read your poem. I can't say I'm too familiar with French poetry but enjoy the literary classics of Zola and Balzac.