Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Scribblings--Wings


So what do you do when the prompt doesn't, well, prompt you? You could say that that wouldn't stop a serious writer. Or you could skip it. It isn't like this is a homework assignment. After 32 years of school and two kids, who needs homework?
You'd think with all the bird posts I've been writing I could come up with something wing oriented. How about this for a starter? Yesterday I watched a hawk nibbling on a tasty wing or two. . . . Nah. I could say I wish I had wings like a bird so I could fly. But there already was a prompt for a now defunct meme about flying. Besides it is too romantic for me.
Instead I'll tell you another story associated with the hawk on Friday. You may have picked up before if you have read here in the past, that I am excited about natural phenomena. Birds, flowers, mountains, ocean and desert, I am an equal opportunity nature lover. One of my biggest frustrations with the Midwest besided the climate is that we are a long way from the nearest wilderness.
So I become excited when a little bit of nature visits at my back door. While I am jumping up and down watching this hawk, I decide to share it with someone walking by. I tell a woman there is a hawk feeding in the back yard and show her where it is. She glances at it politely, thanks me for sharing it with her and proceeds on her way. In other words, she wasn't much interested. Since I doubt she watches Cooper's Hawks on a daily basis and cannot therefore be jaded, I have to assume that she doesn't care of that sort of thing. Now if I had told her Barack Obama was hanging upside down in the tree, would she have been more interested? Or Britney Spears was dancing naked in the yard? Or an armored car had an accident and all the cash was blowing in the breeze?
Some people.


Kathe said...

You've done a pretty darn good job of winging it, I'd say. ;^)

Debo Blue said...

Some people, indeed!

Ha! Ha! I could just see you rolling your eyes heavenward when you wrote the last line.

sarala said...

Crafty Green Poet said:
I'm always sad when other people don't share my enthusiasm for birds!
I deleted comment by accident and reprinted off e-mail.