Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Indecent 2

Joe of Joley's photoblog (a professional photographer, no less) didn't like the tree in the previous version and he is such a nice guy to waste his time commenting on my lowly pictures, that I just had to photoshop ole Eddie. Here is photo #2. I cropped and removed a corner of the tree. I should have just stood in a different place in the first place but it was just an "impulse photo" and at the time I didn't feel like wandering around too much with the camera. I'm kind of conspicuous with my camera in hand and don't like to take pictures of people sitting at bus stops for fear they might get annoyed.

So here goes:

Poor Eddie must have really needed the work


Jamie said...

Now that is hilarious. Did Norbert object to posing?

Joe said...

Sarala thanks for the plug about us and ultimately it is up to composition and form, which no 2 people will agree about...pesonally I found myself looking at the tree in the original post because it was in the foreground and geometry always throws me off. ;)

Anyway, I find that I really focus on the subject of this shot and it seems almost photojournalistic as you have the street signs you can read as well.

So, I must say thank you...and hopefully you will get to where you can take pictures of random people, is scary at first but usually people don't mind.