Monday, April 02, 2007

One Warbler Warbling

Warbler warbling


I was in my front yard today when I heard a bird singing its little heart out. The song was clearly coming from the tree in front of the neighbor's house but I didn't have my glasses on. The robin nearby in the tree I could see but I knew it wasn't singing this particular song. I recruited my husband who is a better birder than I and he brought the binos.
Even I know that it is hard to identify warblers. This bird was quite obliging. He continued to sing on the same branch while I got my camera and tried for a few shots. He next allowed me to go upstairs, remove the screen from the window, lean out and locate him, set up my tripod and take his picture a few more times before he flew away. The extra steadiness my tripod gives me allowed me to enlarge the photo a few times so I can actually see the bird.
My husband thinks he might be a juvenile. I think he's cute. I wish I could have recorded the song which was quite complex and "warbling."
If I keep up all this bird photography I know I'm going to start salivating over a zoom lens before long. I have plenty to learn with the lenses and technology I have before I do any more shopping.


Kathe said...

I didn't realize you went through all of that to take his photo. He's either quite a trooper, or just simply loves the attention. :^)

J. said...


Shelby said...

oh that is a beautiful bird and photo!

have a great Tuesday :)

LauraHinNJ said...

I think it's a goldfinch just changing into its summer colors.

Love to hear them sing!

sarala said...

Laura, thanks for the ID. I haven't had time to pour over the bird books yet. The yellow ones are so hard to identify.

Rayne said...

that is so amazing that he sat there all of that time for you.
Me? All I have to do is think the word 'camera' and trees will run away, much less animals sitting still.