Saturday, April 07, 2007

Random blogging

Red Devil Chiclid
Red Devil Chiclid, seen at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago

Well, I missed a day's posting. Yesterday was busier than usual although in a good enough way. I usually don't see patients on Friday but due to my child's Passover vacation I took off Monday through Wednesday (although I did work a few hours) so I got to work Friday instead. It was a short day, however.
So here is my goal. . . . I will blog surf until I hit on a theme that makes me want to write something. Often when I am surfing I have an idea that I'd like to write about but then I don't get to it. So today I will. Whoever sparks the idea will be acknowledged too. Fair?

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GeL(emerald eyes) said...

Cool multi-colored fish.
Happy Pesach.