Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen--free associations

Still trying to be original with my TT's.
Thirteen word verifications I saw today and what words my mind makes of them.

1. kjzqyshp--Kinkajou quickly shops
2. wjwfbizk--What the f--in' business, Kay?
3. gnddy--grand-daddy
4. Inwcit--In which it
5. duacnkby--dual conk beach (getting tired now?)
6. trlriaxn--trial action
7. hdeqna--his deck not yours.
8. xtxun--exhaustion (actually was attached to a post about tiredness)
9. aucbk--a cookbook
10. uzulkxb--(too obscene to print here)
11. nvyspfkh--navy spinach
12. pjhqspwo--pajamas would be nice now
13. utpqvp--utter pique vapors


Rayne said...

Great. So, here I am staring at number 10 wondering what it could be and then wondering why in the world I want to know and wondering if maybe I'm a sick puppy and yet, I still want to know. But I don't. In case it means I'm a sick puppy.

Kathe said...

It seems as though your brain works a bit like mine, S. Kind of scary, isn't it?

Shelby said...

I laughed out loud when I saw your list - and I hadn't even read them yet! Then I laughed some more!

Very original and funny! I may have to steal your idea.

take care and happy FRIDAY.

amy said...

this is the most creative list of the day by far!

Sunflower said...

oh, my, it's really original.

To be honest, I don't like Word verification :-(

I will Exercise for Comments!

GeL(emerald eyes) said...

terrific post! I love word play. Navy spinach popped out to me, but I loved reading all of yours.
(My daughter just spoke of Popeye so that may have been lurking in my mind.)

I often comment on the WV association to me in my comment on someone's blog if it's unusual (or printable!) :D

Justin said...

I immediately thought grandaddy when I saw "gnddy." It reminds me of a friend's grandfather who we all used to call grandaddy.

Cool list!

Marcia said...

That was brilliant. . . I hear things in washers or dryers, but can't see most of what you see here. . LOL.