Saturday, April 28, 2007

The hawk and I

Yesterday I headed out for a bit of urban photography. I grabbed my camera and miscellaneous gear and walked out to the car. On the way, I realized I had forgotten something and went back to the house. Good thing too because then I realized that my local Cooper's Hawk (for previous post on this bird click here) had reappeared and was having a late lunch, or was it a light supper, in the next tree over. 200+ photos later (this time my battery was charged and memory card empty) I decided that I had done most of my photography for the day. There are a few reasonable photos here but what I couldn't have done with a zoom lens.
Of course then you could have seen it eating in all its nauseating glory. Even near-sighted me saw plenty. I tried all kinds of ways to improve my camera angle. I climbed a fence and perched on top, stabilizing my camera and focusing hand by leaning on a tree and the garage next door. I brought out a ladder and climbed up it. I was very tempted to go onto my next door neighbor's garage roof which would have made for a great shot but decided that I didn't want to be arrested or assumed to be a pervert.
Another great day of urban birding. And now for a few photos.

I think it is eating a pigeon or a robin. I saw a bit of a grey wing and the bird was pretty large.
Hawk 5

The look says, don't mess with me or you're next.

He has feathers stuck to his talons.
I have feathers stuck to my talons


Kathe said...

These really are great shots.

meeyauw said...

I like the middle photo (sort of) because of the close up detail. Last summer we think we had a Cooper's hunting in the beaver ponds. Which would mean, from your photos, that it was going to eat baby redwings. Your photos give me a better view of it than my binoculars.

angela said...

Oh great photos. I am so envious you got that close to a hawk.
I have a very elegant woodpecker in my garden but every time I reach for my camera he flies off...just camera shy, I guess.