Monday, November 26, 2007

Written Out

The words are failing me so here's a picture.



TIV: the individual voice said...

I just found your not on my Nano site that I never go to anymore. Thanks. I looked at your excerpt and was intrigued that you were writing a young adult novel. I posted an Anne Frank story I wrote in diary form that I have tried to get published and need to revise. Would love your feedback. Never occurred to me it might be young adult. I felt it was too grim. Anyway, it needs to be rewritten in smaller chunks, I think. I'm a very slow writer. No Nano for me this year, but my beginning might be the germ of a funny short story.

Debo Blue said...

What a great picture! I think this is really my favourite so far. Oh to be able to take pictures like this?

JL said...

That is a phenomenal photograph.

I'm saving it, and printing it out to hang on my bulletin board.

I'm sorry, Sharala, I'm not usually like that, but it's BRILLIANT.

I mean it. Perfection.

Kathe said...

Hey...I think I know where your words went -- into MY HEAD! Just as your blog post gets short on words, suddenly my blog posts become quite wordy. Funny how that happened. (It's totally your fault, of course. heh heh)

Larry said...

Looks like the set of one of those 60's horror films pretty cool!Is my head cockeyed or is it the lamp post?