Saturday, November 10, 2007

Off to bed early

I don't even feel like posting a photo. I'm not feeling the best. A combination of allergies and stuff there's no need to go into. We're having part of the house ripped off on Monday for some major reconstructive surgery and I have to clear everything out of that area by tomorrow night. I can't wait.
Here are my NaNo stats--21960--36 pages. I found some information about word counts on a NaNo forum and 50k words might just do for a YA and younger novel, which is what I'm doing. That is encouraging.
I want to make the halfway point soon. I'd like to have just a little more protective padding on my word count in case I get stuck or too busy to write.
Today's research for my novel included how to make salmon jerky. It is amazing what one may learn in the interest of literature.

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Kathe said...

Just to continue cheering you on...

You and your story rock! :^)

Hope you're feeling better soon.