Friday, November 02, 2007

And I am. . .

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Obsessing about word count. Have you noticed how if you give something a number, how it seems so much more real? Like trying to lose 5 pounds makes you run to the scale that much more often. Or having a deadline on a certain date makes you count the days. It goes back to school days when I counted down the days 'til summer vacation. Now kids even have parties on their hundredth day of school.
So here are my stats courtesy of Microsoft Word:
Pages: 11
Words: 6339
Characters (no spaces): 25,224
Characters (with spaces): 32,024
Paragraphs: 103
Lines: 476

Whatever did people do before word processors? I really couldn't care less about the number of characters (with or without spaces) or lines but reproduce them here just because I can.

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Kathe said...

Keep on keepin' on. :^)