Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The end?

42,824 words today. That is 70 pages. I'm not at 50K but I think I just wrote the ending of my story. It has a final feeling to it. I have a few chapters I am going to add in the middle which will make up the next 7,176 words but the end is in sight. I think I am even going to reach the finish line early. But that might somehow jinx me so I didn't say it.


Snail said...

Woo hoo! You get the champagne, I'll get the glasses.

Kathe said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :^D

I knew you could do it!

nancy said...

Sorry. I don't usually shout my comments, but to be so close to 50K AND be at The End. Wow. Well done! I don't think I've ever actually felt I was at the end of a story at the end of November, though I have skipped ahead to get to the end a time or two. Anyway, congratulations!