Saturday, November 03, 2007

NaNo Day 3

First Beach

Here is where I am setting my NaNo novel. If I have to spend a lot of time in my imagination I might as well pick a place I love. I'm fudging a little bit of the geography--a bit of novelistic license--to make the plot function more smoothly.
I'm currently at word 8127 and counting. Not too bad for a lazy bum like me. I think I owe some of my productivity to all the blogging.


JL said...

Your photographs are amazing.

They capture one of the (many) essences of Chicago in a way I don't think many photographers do.

Especially notable are the matter-of-fact pictures of the workers' cottages.

Although your work is more... landscape... oriented? It puts me in mind of Art Shay.

annie said...

I am visiting washington state this week, to see one of my dearest friends. Looking forward to some northwest views.