Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Fat Lady Sings

The arms of victory

I finished. The official count is 50218. It feels good if a bit anticlimactic. Where are the big party, the champagne, the zillions of adoring fans? Nonetheless I did something I didn't think I could do.
So what next, I ask myself? Well tomorrow is a work day as always. I go back to blogging, reading bedtime stories to my son, making dinner, taking photographs and playing with art supplies. I go back to reading other people's blogs and envying their talent or wishing I lived where they lived (as winter sets in for real here and the sleet is falling). I go back to planning my next vacation and dreaming about summer break.
Some things are still different. I have written a novel. That is amazing! And I have plans for it. I'll finish the month of November by rereading and filling in a few gaps. I'm still working on adding detail and dialog (I'm really bad at dialog). I'll keep on with my reading of YA books. I'll take a break at the beginning of December. Focus on the myriad other parts of my life and let my novel percolate in my unconscious brain.
I'll start my revision process over my winter break. I'll have time and leisure to focus on plotting, grammar, character and style. I'll be able to revisit the locations I used in my story and add detail to my account. I'll use my camera to document details that my non-visual brain will forget after I return to Chicago. Of course, I'll also eat good food, sleep late, play board games with the family, go for long walks in the drizzle and surf the internet.
If I ever get to where I'm comfortable with what I have written I'll work on getting some feedback and taking it to the next level. But I'll save that part of the process for another day.


j.white said...
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ren.kat said...

This is fantastic. It really is an accomplishment. I did it two years ago, but never finished editing. Not sure I will- but what a great feeling to have followed through. Do celebrate!!

TIV: the individual voice said...

Congratulations! That must be a great feeling that I won't feel this year at least. I got so carried away with blogging, or maybe, I got carried away with blogging to avoid Nano. I am a writing rebel at heart. I avoid the things I'm supposed to do. Stop writing in a writing program. Can't write Nano with 100,000 other committed people but post like crazy on my blog instead. Next year. Or maybe in December. Because I don't HAVE to.

Larry said...

Congratulations on a great feels good when you set a lofty goal for yourself and then achieve it.I get tired writing the alphabet so I would never try something like you did.

Nancy said...

I'm sorry there was no champagne for you. There should have been. It IS an amazing thing to do and, even though we don't really even know each other, I'm very proud of you! Keep the knowledge of your ability to do this and of your accomplishment close to your heart and never minimize it in your mind. Congratulations,


sarala said...

Thanks all. It was a great learning experience. And there are 7-1/2 hours typing time left.