Monday, November 05, 2007


We Dilevar

Taken while driving but the focus is surprisingly good. And no one died in the accident I caused. (Kidding).


annie said...

maybe they need to lay off the "kegs" before they spell! this is classic.

JL said...

You live in Chicago. This is classic Polish/Eastern Europe spelling.

My personal favorite at my local liquor store:

"Curry Otts".

Mowimy u Polsku

sarala said...

Interesting. I thought it could have been a Spanish conjugation. But the spelled delivery right. So what is Curry Otts?

JL said...

The 'Delivery' sticker is a single sticker, purchased.

The rest is single letters, done more or less phonetically.

'Curry Otts'?

'Carry Outs', of course.

This is a holdover from Europe, where there is a difference between a place you 'Drink in', or 'Carry out'.

Sorry. BRONZEVILLE? I'll link you in the next few days. It's a graphic novel.

Hey, I'm so glad to have found your blog.

Thank you.

Chris in Oxford said...

A mistake made multiple times on the same truck. But then spelled correctly...on the same truck. Nice capture.

Rayne said...

Love the spelling! I wonder if two different people worked on it? Due to it being spelled right and wrong? That would drive me buggy. Either spell it right all over, or spell it wrong all over but not both!
I have my camera with me every where I go, too, and one day I saw one of those Geek Squad black and white VWs and I got so excited I yelled for Scott to stop the car now so I could take a picture. He was so surprised he actually did it. Then he explained to me later that all we had to do was go to Best Buy and take pictures of them in the parking lot. He totally rained on my parade.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful image -- and I learned something in the proccess (through the comments).

And I love the guy in your rear view mirror.