Friday, November 30, 2007

Current Conditions

Hazardous and Dangerous

This sign should be hanging up over my house. You may ask, is that due to a construction disaster or am I the dangerous element? I have to admit that I have been kind of crabby this week. The burst of mental energy that got me to the end of NaNo has dissipated. Even at work there have been these episodes of crankiness (not of my initiating) that I can't tell you about due to reasons of confidentiality. The sad thing is at work I have to be professional. I can't yell back at my patients even if they are being abusive.
I guess I'll have to confine myself to taking my bad mood out on my husband and kids. Or better yet, I could kick the cats. Just kidding. I don't want any cat lovers to fire bomb my house.
Speaking of fire bombs, my house still doesn't have a back end. A lot of it is covered in plastic sheeting which flaps comfortingly in the wind. One bit of sheeting has a zipper (really, you can buy plastic sheeting with a zipper in it) so we can access our back door and so the construction folks can traipse through to use our potty. No, I don't want to think too much about that. When I enter the house from the back I always feel like I am entering a tent. Well, at least that brings back fond memories.
Today the temperature plummeted down to 24 degrees (that's Farenheit). Most of the civilized world now uses Celsius which would make it a nice toasty day. Not so in actuality. Having a drafty house is uncool when it is 24 degrees out. Just now I resorted to nailing a sheet over the back zipper door to reduce the heat loss a bit. Where is global warming when you need it?
The weather report is frightful. Like in the song that means, "Let it snow." Words such as: snow, sleet, blustery, ice and freezing rain abound in tomorrow's forecast. They rate the chance of precipitation at 100%! I guess that means tomorrow is sure to stink! If I am going to be in optimist mode (which I find hard on a November day when I can't feel warm in my own house without wearing a jacket and drinking hot tea) I can say that the good news is:
1. I blog more in bad weather.
2. The weather report always gives me something to write about.
3. It is safer to take pictures in bad neighborhoods in bad weather.
4. I can try yet again to get interesting pictures of snow falling (failed last year at getting the correct exposures) and of snowflakes (didn't have a macro lens this time last year).
Or I can just comfort myself that half my readers live in worse places. All you Canadians, Michiganders(?), Vermonters and so on know who you are. Unlike some of you hardy souls, I haven't had to use my snow shovel yet.
Well, time to get out my bunny slippers and watch the latest episode of House. He's my kind of doctor. Maybe watching him abuse his patients will be cathartic.


Kathe said...

At least it's not a chilly 5 degrees (NOT Celcius). And you don't have a winter storm warning for this weekend (expecting 8 to 12 inches here). I went out for a quick run to the corner store and nearly froze my patootie (and ears and fingers) off!
Sorry you're having a bad week. Hope it improves soon.

JL said...

Well, if you need a funny 'worker' story, here:

JL said...

"Well in a way I'd prefer that to them taking a leak in my bushes--it's happened."

Uhh... guilty.

(I worked construction for 15 years.)

TIV: the individual voice said...

"Mental Health bloggers" in the blogosphere do not appreciate how much abuse therapists indeed put up with. It's certainly not the funnest part of the job. Though it's made me a better person in the long run, learning to take it without getting defensive. There was more, but my mind is drifting off to sleep.

TIV: the individual voice said...

Oh, and House. I don't get the humor of that show. It's weird. And you must share with us the horror story of Blog Robots who eat your blogs as I posted on my blog today. Everyone wants to know.