Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The back.

Just a play on the wording of my previous post.

House back

This is the back of my house. Note that it has a big hole in it. The prior photo was supposed to show you the back yard and the sorry state of the coach house I have my office in as it was losing its roof.
I'm just setting the record straight.

NaNo update:
44438 words, 73 pages.

Work calls. Cheers.


Andrée said...

aaahhhh OK A coach house; sounds like a wonderful place to have an office. Of course, now I (we) will need regular updates! LOL

j.white said...

Hey, is your office okay? It snowed like crazy here (80 miles inland), and I'm betting you got lake-effect at least.

Are you guys alright?

sognatrice said...

Wow you NaNo-er you! Hey if you go a bit over 50,000, you mind loaning me some? ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!