Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Urban art

I made a wonderful discovery this weekend. I had a break from family duties and went out on some errands, my trusty camera in tow. Days are short at this time of year and I was getting hungry and doubtful that I would wind up with any inspiring photos. I passed a yard full of red and white striped cement mixer trucks and wanted to photograph them but there were people working in the yard and I didn't have the guts to stop and start snapping pictures in front of an audience.
I was in search of urban photos--the sort of dirty, gritty, self-consciously un-pretty photos you always see professional photographers taking when I ran into a series of murals that seemed placed there just for my enjoyment. Subsequent surfing led me to the web site of the Hubbard Street Mural Project. I discovered that this series of murals was begun in the 1970's on this concrete train embankment but recent construction had damaged some of the murals and last year new ones were painted.
The good news is even if you never get to Chicago, you can see some of them right here.
Hubbard Street Mural
Hubbard Street Mural
Stay tuned for more pictures--tomorrow?


Chelle & Chel said...

I love murals like this. Turning something plain, into something beautiful.

- Chel

Pepper said...

Yes more pictures please. I love murals.

Sunflower said...

stay tune for more...

I will Exercise for Comments!

Rose said...

These are really great. Thank you for dropping by my daughter's blog and my blog.