Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Too tired to blog

It is hard to be either wordy or witty after two late nights at work. I've had to content myself with a bit of surfing and commenting and one photo challenge. Tomorrow I have to prepare a Thursday Thirteen. I wonder what I'll come up with.
I also have finished my first book of the TBR (To Be Read) and Classics challenge. That leaves 4 classics and a lot of other books to go. I'm hoping I will have the energy to write a report on my first book tomorrow too. It is Mark Twain's Letters from Hawaii. My current read is Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. I think this will be a quicker read than Twain (I would have guessed the reverse).
Here is a tired looking picture taken of a tunnel in Italy through a mountain of marble.
Tunnel near Colonnata


angela said...

taking a break from planning.
The look of the posts seems to hinge on how Blogger feels on any particular day but I haven't done anything to the overall blog. Doesn't mean that Blogger hasn't though!
I love your photo and the way your eye is drawn right down the middle. I definitely wouldn't call it "tired"
Don't you just love Italy?

Joe said...

This is definitely a pretty good post. Would like to see a touch more contrast, but guess that is being a little to critical. Very good framing and brings the eye around which is good for any picture to have a focus and lines to draw you one way or the other.
Nice one and hope to see this someday.

GeL said...

I'm here via another blog participating in Poetry Thursday. This photo is captivating! Reminds me of a glowing candle. Love it!Thank you for info re: TBR. I didn't know of that blog and love to read or re-read the classics since many I read when I was in school (in the dark ages :). This was an interesting post- thanks.