Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Check out these links

I decided since I have a late start at work today to go through some of my bookmarks, cull a few out-of-date or uninteresting ones, and post a few worth looking at.
Initially I thought I'd focus on photoblogs but maybe later.
1. The first link I want to direct you to is called Booking Through Thursday. It bills itself as "A Meme about Books and Reading". I blogrolled it too. It looks like they post a meme every Thursday, all about books, of course.
2. Next I randomly found the following blog by a Peace activist, by the name of Peace Meme. I'm not sure where the meme comes into it. I was impressed by one post in particular about "Peace" and "Robbie" a conservative blogger. It is about how we don't always have to agree to behave in a civil manner. See the post here.
He also has a speech by Barack Obama (who happens to send his kid to the same school as my kid, but so far Barack's charisma hasn't rubbed of on me or my kid) posted which is well worth reading.
3. Check out Crunchy Bits who lives in Nebraska(I was there once). I'm not sure where I found her blog but she has won my heart because she has pet rats. I don't anymore--they aren't compatible with cats and it is harder to find people to babysit rats when you go on vacation. I had pet rats for most of my childhood and two in graduate school--one was named Putz (for the Yiddish expression "to Putz around" which is describes how rats explore a room to a tee). I'm linking you to one of her rat photos--don't go there if you have a rodent phobia. This cutie is named Olivia.
4. OK here is a cool, photoey, buggy blog. I like nature blogs and photo blogs so the two together are just perfect. David of David Nelson's Photoblog may not have much blog activity for a bit though; his last post states he is going to do some research in Darwin (help me out-- where is this?) and may not have internet access. He promises us lots of pictures in the future and his older posts are worth looking at. As with rats, if you have bug phobias don't go here.
5. Check out Fireflies in the Cloud if you want to see snow in Tuscon, Arizona. Yep, there are photos to prove it--of snow on a cactus and the world's smallest and dirtiest snowman. I can say this because we midwesterners do snow better than you Arizonans. Really, this is just my cactus-envy showing. I can't even grow cacti indoors here. Ask my son. I just killed three separate cacti. Matt also is an author and has a post about a writing scam here.

Well, this seems to be long enough for now. Too bad, so many blogs, so little time.
Let me know if there are any incomplete links as I'm too lazy to check them myself :).


Rayne said...

Thank you for the mention and the link. There will be more rattie pictures coming up. I promise. It's just so hard to get the little buggers to sit still. If everyone liked blurred photos I would have hundreds up there.

Attila The Mom said...

Great list! Thanks for posting them!

angela said...

Thanks for sharing those. I'll
add them to my already overladen favourites list. Every so often I'll have a cull but the list quickly grows.

JC Shakespeare said...


Thanks for the Peace Meme plug! I'm JC, the author. I know that memes have come to mean those little lists you fill out and shoot around the blogosphere, but originally, the science of "memetics" had to do with the transmission of cultural information between individuals. The idea of a "meme" was a morphing of the word "gene," so that ideas, beliefs, stories, etc. were passed around and replicated, just as genes are spread through bloodlines. It's a fascinating idea, though it is waning in scientific acceptance. You can read a pretty comprehensive article here:


Anyway, my hope is that we can spread the Peace Meme, meaning that my belief that peace is possible might rub off on others. Even if it doesn't, it enhances my own internal experience immensely. Peace is good for you!

Thanks again, and btw, I added a link to this blog as well. Neat stuff!

Pepper said...

Great list. I will enjoy reading them.