Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #8--Seattle

Two Seattle Symbols

Thirteen Things about Why I wish I could live in Seattle

1. I have family there.
2. I grew up there and it still feels like "home."
3. Winter in Chicago stinks.
4. Summer in Chicago is too hot and humid.
5. Seattle is surrounded by mountains.
6. Seattle is near an ocean.
7. I could eat really fresh seafood.
8. It would a lot closer to places to go hiking and backpacking.
9. I could take up cross country skiing again.
10. I could throw away all the hats, gloves, scarves, glove liners, thermal underwear, snow boots, snow pants or save them just for skiing.
11. I could ask family to babysit when I wanted to go out in the evening.
12. I could walk by the lake in winter and not worry about frostbite.
13. Snow would be an exciting event or something you drove to the mountains to play in.

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Sunflower said...

Vancouver is nicer...would you like to live in Vancouver instead:-)

I will Exercise for Comments!

Skittles said...

I've always thought it would be a nice place to visit.. haven't made it there yet ..

Raggedy said...

I can relate to your post. Great TT!
I am land locked as well. I miss the East Coast and that is where all my family is. I miss the family, food, and milder weather.
As we speak it is now MINUS 36 F and -38 C. You would not believe how fast the dog did his business and came back
Have a wonderful Thursday
My TT is posted
Stay warm..

Dragonboy said...

That sounds like some good reasons.

Pepper said...

My son lives in Everett Washington. It is a beautiful place. I absolutely love going there.

she said...

If I get my passport back from the consulate soon (please let it arrive) I'll be flying to India through the Seattle Tacoma airport. That's the closest I've ever come to Seattle...