Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Out of words

I find myself not having much to say for myself. Perhaps I posted too much in December or perhaps I just have jet lag. Yesterday, we traveled for 10 hours from Seattle to Chicago (one layover in Minneapolis). I managed to read a bit but didn't arrive home in the mood to blog much.
Tomorrow I have a long work day and I'm dreading the transition back to the routine. My work involves some subtle and some not so subtle stresses that do wear on me. I was reading an article in a medical journal which stated that around 1/3 of all doctors would not encourage their children to pick medicine. Although I love what I do, the joy of the practice of medicine has been eroded by the advent of managed care, increasing costs of malpractice insurance, increasing work loads and pointless paperwork. Someday maybe I'll post a rant about dealing with insurance companies. So much of what they do is intended to waste physician, patient and hospital's time. And every now and then there is just one of those bad days when I doubt myself and what I do.
But see, now you made me depressed. So I am going to change the subject and post a happy photo or two. I'll look for something summery.
Fortezza di Castiglioni di Garfagnana
This is a fortress in the Tuscan town of Castiglioni di Garfagnana. The light from the setting sun was just beautiful that evening.

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