Saturday, January 06, 2007

A new meme?

I discovered a Tuesday meme. This way I wouldn't have been complaining of being out of words last Tuesday. I have a few days to decide. It is a cat-based meme and I have two cats. This way if the weather is too dreary I can always take pictures of my cats. They are more challenging to photograph than I would have thought. If you use a flash the eyes look very strange and I still don't have a tripod. (My Hannukah list is getting taken care of a little bit late this year).
I'm ambivalent because I am trying to do too much (this is in my profile so I am proving it to you) and sometimes I get bored of other people's pet photos (sorry but they are a little like baby pics and home videos) and hesitate to turn off my readers. On the other hand my site is nothing if not eclectic, so maybe it doesn't matter.
I am including links to the meme and to the person who introduced me to the meme here, so you can check them out if you too are a "cat person". See My Cats and Funny Stories for the meme and Calynn and her Sphynx cat, Dragonheart, who sure is cute, for some nice pics and stories from Munich.


Greta said...

Aww, what a cute kitty. :) Thanks for dropping by my blog, and linking to me the other day! And your NCLB song was awesome as well.

Robert Vandenbego said...

Wow! Beautiful cat.
Happy New Year!

Robert Vandenbego
Madrid, Spain

Pepper said...

he or she looks so peaceful and contented.

BendingPeak said...

Great idea, and again another wonderful photo.