Saturday, January 20, 2007

My first black and white shot

I decided to experiment with Photoshop a bit. This photo needed to have the horizon made horizontal--some iffy technique with the camera--but I was happy with the focus. I have also wanted to tinker with B & W and this picture seemed a good candidate.
Here's the result. What do you think? For a better view of the photo, click on it and you will be in Flickr. If you click on the button that says "all sizes" just above the photo you can enlarge it.
Seagulls at Seabrook


Rhea said...

Very nice. What camera do you have?

sarala said...

A Canon Digital Rebel XT

angela said...

I was abut to ask the same question.
Black and white is perfect for those gulls. It almost seems like 3D.
I loved the wild water one too.

Anonymous said...

Gulls of a feather
Hang out together.
Down by the tide
On beaches wide.
Even if dyed
In greys PhotoShop provides.

paula said...

Dare I say I think it should be a bit more crisp...a little more contrast?

Debo Blue said...

Psssth! to all of your critics! I like your own work. Anon's poem is great!

Joe said...

I would say this is a very good shot. I will also say that in general b&w digital can be very tricky to get a good contrast shot. I would like to see a bit more here and the best way to do that is through trying different b&w techniques. Gradient Map is a very "contrasty" way to get b&w. Anyway, really like the shot and hope I helped.

Rose said...

What a wonderful photo.