Sunday, January 14, 2007

Good planet--revised and corrected

Geese and Gulls
For a monthly bit of tree-hugging, a good place to start is the Good Planet carnival (I guess it's a carnival). This carnival celebrates our beautiful planet with pictures of same. This month's is up on Somewhere in NJ including two of my photos. Next month's Good Planet will be posted at Wanderin' Weeta and you can mail your photos to susannah AT dccnet DOT com or for this month (there are two weeks left) to lc-hardy AT comcast DOT net. These are lovely blogs independent of the carnival and are worth a gander (pun intended).


Pepper said...

Be very careful around geese. I have had some bad experience with them.

Great picture.

Patry Francis said...

Great photo!

Joe said...

I really like the content of your photos. The compositions are very good and this is a very good example. As far as technical stuff, the lines by the 3 geese is very good and the on goose being in the center is quite nice, would like to see a bit more exposure and the front white bird (the fuzzy one) is pretty distracting. All in all a very nice shot and the lines are very good in this one!

East of Oregon said...

beautiful photo!