Friday, January 16, 2009

Yes, Thank You, the Frostbite is Healing Just Fine

Promontory Point on a Sub-Zero Day

Just kidding, but my fingers were getting pretty cold taking this photo. Not to mention my toes. It was around -7 F at the time. Cameras don't like weather this cold either. I'm pleased mine managed.
Speaking of managing, lots of cold cars here. I had a patient cancel last night because her car wouldn't start. This made me all the more anxious as I strolled out to my car at 9:30 last night after it had sat outside for nearly 10 hours. Fortunately the engine turned over and my car and I made it home (to a heated garage no less--nice but you should see my gas bill!)
This morning my son was carpooling to an event and I had to race out of the house at the last minute to jump his ride's car. I'm assuming he didn't miss the bus since we haven't gotten any phone calls. He'll be in St. Louis which I assume is warmer than Arctic Chicago.


self taught artist said...

shara, no sh__ THIS is one of the best photographs i've ever seen (nature photography). submit this to something somewhere somehow and it will get published.
you blew my mind, i see nothing but progress with your eye, your camera skills and themes.

sarala said...

Wow. Thanks. I was planning on printing a copy for myself.

SJ said...

Great picture! It was -25(ish) when I took my picture this morning, but I did it from the comfort of my car.

Snail said...

I tried to convert -7F to C and failed miserably. All I know is that it's horribly cold.

Beautiful photo.

self taught artist said...

i thought about this photo this morning..what i like about it is the musical sadness and beauty it contains. i've been there, i know what chicago looks like and that is a surreal photo. you wouldn't know it is what it is, it is glacier looking. you've done something brilliant with an industrial area is all i'm print more than one you goof and do something with it.

Tammie Lee said...

wonderful image! Light, steam, trees all create a unique feeling.

After Hours said...

Awesome picture. I can only imagine how cold it is in Chicago. I have never endured that type of weather. I live in California and well the few days we have to wear a coat we just stay home.