Saturday, January 10, 2009

There are No Ghettos Here

Richard J. Daley, mayor of Chicago from 1955-1976 once said: "There are no ghettos in Chicago." (Cited in Waiting for Gautreaux, by Alexander Polikoff). Was this denial? Or a blind refusal to look at the evidence before his very eyes.
A selection of data regarding Chicago community areas from U.S. census data:

Fresh Produce

Grand Boulevard
White 0.62%
Black 97.7%
Hispanic 0.84%
Asian 0.07%
Other 0.74%
Median income $21,672

Bridgeport (where Daley lived)
White 41.0%
Black 1.05%
Hispanic 30.2%
Asian 26.1%
Other 1.63%
Median income $35,535

White 0.44%
Black 97.8%
Hispanic 0.86%
Asian 0.07%
Other 0.79%
Median income $18,955

Damen Food Store

Lincoln Park
White 84.5%
Black 5.17%
Hispanic 5.06%
Asian 3.61%
Other 1.67%
Median income $83,328

Data cited in Wikipedia.

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