Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gary, Indiana--Take 2

More Gary Row Houses

For Wordless Wednesday. For the words see yesterday's post.


Amber said...

Your pictures really are gorgeous. I love the lighting in these shots from Gary. You can almost see the cold. And you're absolutely right, the architectural bones of those buildings are amazing. I bet/hope in 10-15 years you'd go back to a totally different place.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Beth F said...

I like those buildings! Very small-town USA.

Maureen Hayes said...

You are right about those architectural bones - these shots are lovely. Unfortunately the same thing has happened all over the US and I hope that we as a people will find a way to right it. Maybe if we could could out of the "more is more" mentality and get back to small town values, but alas, I fear that time has passed.

Angela Klocke said...

You got some great shots! Seems I remember my mom talking about Gary, Indiana in discussions about my bio dad. :)