Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Da Dump

Metal Bits on an Old Log

While I was staying near the ocean a couple of weeks ago, I paid a visit to the local dump, or perhaps better stated, the local dumping ground. Why? Why did the bear go over the mountain? I also had hopes of seeing some interesting birds--this part didn't happen.

Hide-A-Bed Couch in Dump

It was kind of interesting to see what could be found there --an old boxspring, a hide-a-bed couch, some car parts without the car, a stove, some toys. The only excitement was when I slipped on a patch of snow and landed on my rump. I was unhurt but when I saw the pile of boards with nails sticking up in them I realized I needed to be more careful. Imagine where you can find danger!
I did get a few intersting shots, at least in my humble opinion. IMHO--see now I speak IM!
Lots of snow today. I hope to get a couple of pictures.

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