Sunday, January 11, 2009


Summer-Winter Diptych

I took a picture of this old house and then dug up an older shot. A year and a half later the house looks much the same except for a bit of fencing. Only the seasons have advanced. Although this house looks somewhat haunted to me, it has great bones. I hope the owner plans to do something with it eventually. The neighborhood is pretty marginal but is gradual being gentrified.
Here is what the neighboring houses look like. They are in slightly better shape but also boarded up.

Three Blind Mice


self taught artist said...

love the house on the left even more...these are all just so interesting to look at. keep it up!

Jud said...

Those are very interesting structures, indeed.

deb said...

again I want all your houses, maybe I should move to Chicago?? Good to see your camera is still busy!

Megha said...

Very nice fotos..