Monday, January 12, 2009

Makes Me Proud to Be an American!


Actually I feel angry and ashamed. I know it is just a few bad eggs but what kind of animals threaten to bomb elementary schools to make their political point? Here is what I learned about just today. As the parents of a child in a "Chicago Jewish day school" I feel like the last to know.

Chicago Jewish day schools receive bomb threat

January 1, 2009

(JTA) -- Jewish day schools in Chicago received a bomb threat in the mail.

The letter, received Wednesday at the Chicago offices of the Associated Talmud Torahs and the Ida Crown Jewish Academy, threatened Jewish day schools in Chicago and in the suburbs, WBBM newsradio 780 reported.

The police bomb and arson squad is investigating.

Quoted from JTA.

I may be saying too much on a public forum but threatening my kids is just going too far.
By the way, this is a free country but if anyone posts comments in favor of bombing elementary schools it will be summarily deleted. It's my blog!


Kathe said...

(feel free to delete this comment)

I doubt deleting their comments would be satisfying enough for you. And they'd still have the satisfaction of...well, just being mean, and getting under your skin. (Which you KNOW those comments would do.)

And WHY are you just now finding out about this?! :^(

Eric Allix Rogers said...

That's horrifying. You're not saying anything that is at all controversial as a reaction to news like that.

LN said...

The wife of a friend of mine, an alumni of the IDF, called me today, worried, and offered to come help with home improvements. I know jumpiness when I hear it on the phone. I talked with another male friend whose girlfriend is culturally Jewish and visiting Israel at this time, and asked me what I should make of his GF not answering his phone calls.

I told him not to worry about it unless she was within 40 km of the Gaza border. She naturally is.

Personally, I have my own little cauldron of the world to concern myself with, so... wishes.