Thursday, January 22, 2009

Long Day, Short Post

Church for Sale

Today is my marathon work day. My reward is tomorrow off until it is time to pick up my son from school. Then it is back to parenting duties! I'm trying to decide if I should drive back to Gary. I checked on Mapquest and it is a 39 minute drive. Last week I drove their the long way with multiple stops so I had no idea how long the efficient route is. I figure if I leave right after school drop off I would have a few hours and the light would be different than last week (close to sunset). I'm sure I missed many sights too. Well, we'll see how energetic and spontaneous I feel in the morning after a late night tonight.
And you'll see the photos, if any, this weekend.

1 comment:

Eric Allix Rogers said...

Love this photo, is it in Gary?

Good luck there tomorrow!